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05 de julio de 2022

Snapshot Cal Coast and Other Milestones for San Mateo County iNat!

Dear Eager iNatters -

Well, in half a year we've reached a few important milestones:

  1. We are over 600,000 total observations
  2. We have six individuals with more than 10,000 observations in the county
  3. In the just completed Snapshot CalCoast, San Mateo county accounted for 20% of the observations! That's astounding, friends! There were 19 counties in the running, so a normal distribution would have each county at about 5%. But we got 20%!
  4. Keep on iNatting. We are starting to generate longitudinal data, having been at this project for almost a decade. What we are doing is fun, but it is also potentially and actually important.

Jennifer Rycenga
a.k.a. gyrrlfalcon

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09 de julio de 2022

School Shark Observations

I had some correspondence with @alexburton about a project he leads on the species known as School Shark (Galeorhinus galeus)
He is trying to get as many measurements from Galeorhinus galeus that are encountered as possible for his PhD research.
He would appreciate any help with gathering this data.

Here's the link to the project
https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/school-sharks-international and www.facebook.com/SCH.NZ.INT

Galeorhinus galeus has been recorded in the Bay Area, but there are no San Mateo county sightings yet. BE THE FIRST!

Thanks! To quote the great @vermfly - GET THE FISH! The lack of ray-finned fish and other animals like sharks, is glaring in the iNat database!


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