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10 de mayo de 2014

Upcoming Bio-Blitzes in San Mateo County, and Love the Springtime!

Sequoia Audubon, in conjunction with San Mateo County Parks, iNaturalist, Nerds for Nature, and the California Academy of Science, will be sponsoring Bio-Blitzes in each of the San Mateo County Parks over the next few years! This exciting partnership could help set the wave of the future for Blitzing, with responsible, exciting, and fun citizen-science engaging more people with their local parks. The first such Bio-Blitz is tentatively scheduled for Sunday July 13 at Pillar Point Bluffs and Pillar Point's (legendary) tide pools. Save the Date! A second Bio-Blitz, at Memorial Park, will be scheduled for sometime in October. Watch this space for more information.

It is an extraordinary time of year, and, with the recent growth in both membership and observations submitted to this project, we have a chance to catalogue more of the amazing wildlife of our county. Thanks for participating - we are over 12,000 observations and 280 members, in just 13 months: that's more than I anticipated, and we are still a relatively young project. It is not just me, as project coordinator, who is grateful for your participation: so are the unknown people, beasts, and plants of the future. Our efforts to record what we see now, may inspire us to preserve the glories around us, and assist scientists and policy makers to better understand the eco-systems of San Mateo county.

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