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10 de abril de 2017


Dear San Mateo County iNaturalist Users -

Exciting times next weekend - the City Nature Challenge! Sequoia Audubon Society will be in the field supporting this venture in a number of ways.
THURSDAY APRIL 13 - Sequoia Audubon's Monthly General Meeting will feature Alison Young and Rebecca Johnson from the California Academy of Sciences. They are the amazing women who run the Citizen Science ventures there - and who have worked with Sequoia on a number of BioBlitz coalition efforts.
7:00 pm, San Mateo Garden Club

FRIDAY-TUESDAY, April 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Join the Bay Area project here -
This link includes a list of local field trips during that span of time.

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11 de abril de 2017

The BEST, the MOST FABULOUS GUIDE on all of iNaturalist!

Since hyperbole is the style of the day, I thought I'd hype something deserving of such praise!

@dpom has produced a fabulous photo guide to the birds of San Mateo County. Check it out here

...and let's consider expanding these efforts to the Butterflies, Nudibranchs, and HOVER FLIES of San Mateo county!

Thanks, @dpom


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13 de abril de 2017

And now, the BUTTERFLY Guide to San Mateo County

Dear San Mateo County iNatters -

Just in time for the City Nature Challenge (http://www.inaturalist.org/projects/city-nature-challenge-2017-san-francisco-bay-area), @dpom gives us another gem of a local resource: a photographic guide to the most common butterflies of our county:


Check it out, use it, and share the knowledge with your lepidopetrist friends!

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23 de abril de 2017

City Nature Challenge Results

Wow! What a fun five day romp that was! While the Bay Area didn't win, we did come in the top three for every category. Consider these final results from the 16 cities that competed:

All 16 cities together: 124,092 observations / 8557 species / 4051 participants

That is more observations added to iNaturalist in five days, than the whole of the intensive San Mateo County BioBlitz!

Keep on observing: there is so much to learn, to explore, to discover!

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