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06 de agosto de 2015

Take a Look at the Map for the San Mateo County Bio-Blitz

Dear Participants - I am back in the Bay Area, after a year away for an academic sabbatical. Delighted to note that this project has over 20,000 observations, documenting over 2,000 species for our small but diverse county.

Looking at the map on the front page, though, I noticed some gaps in our coverage. How about taking a ride along SR 84 through the western part of the county, and iNat-ting a few butterflies and birds there? Look also at the watershed lands - these areas could use a few more observations. Who knows what may be lurking in undercovered areas?

Get ready for the next Bio-Blitz with county parks, at San Pedro Valley County Park, on Saturday September 26!!

Jennifer Rycenga, a.k.a. gyrrlfalcon

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24 de agosto de 2015

30,000 observations!

Congratulations and thanks to all participants, as we have reached a major milestone with 30,000 observations in this project. This project was launched in April of 2013, so this means 34 entries on average per day. Fine documentation of our county, by a great bunch of users, from the obsessed to the casual, from experts to beginners, from birders to native plant enthusiasts to weekend hikers to nudibranchers: we've all come together and made some exciting discoveries about San Mateo. Furthermore, with this intensive early effort, we're helping to establish a baseline of information.

Go on with your awesome selves, and continue the quest to discover San Mateo county's wild life!

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