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25 de agosto de 2020

The CZU Fire in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties, August 2020

This is a time of fear and sadness for many of us, as we witness the largest fires in San Mateo county in a generation. While naturalists like us recognize that many of these ecological communities evolved to experience regular fire events, it is still difficult to fathom that the places many of us have visited and lovingly documented, have been altered dramatically over the past week. We also know that many of our friends and neighbors are at risk, from both the fires and COVID.

We should, however, be grateful to each other for the extensive documentation we have done in the county - including in many of the areas affected by the burn, such as Pescadero Creek County Park, Gazos Creek Road, Butano State Park, and more. In under a decade, this project created a picture of what was present in San Mateo county through the first half of 2020. We will now watch and observe together as the forest responds to this event, and recover from the traumatic year of 2020.

Please stay safe and healthy. Don't interfere with first responders or park personnel.

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