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28 de agosto de 2019

Save the Dates: Upcoming Events!

The San Mateo County BioBlitz project keeps chugging along - approaching a quarter of a million observations. From the deepest seas (Orca) to the deepest recesses of the Redwood Forests (Leopard Lily), you've been seeing and documenting rarities. Let's all get together and do it again, OK?

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday September 28 - BioBlitz at Flood Park, 215 Bay Road, Menlo Park, CA. This small urban county park is a wonderland of oak habitat. There is also, in/appropriately enough, some water-log problems at the park, which have created a haven for ground squirrels and insects. Lots of edge habitat. This is the perfect BioBlitz to bring youngsters to, since there is no difficult walking involved, and there are other things to distract the easily distracted (like playgrounds). We'll be starting a tad before 9:00 am. More information to follow.

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday October 13 for Sequoia Audubon's 9th Annual Big SIT! and Big (Easy) RIDE! This is one of our big fundraisers, but it is also a ton of fun. A group of birders sits all day atop the hill overlooking the North Pond at Pescadero State Beach and Marsh Natural Preserve, while another group bicycles from Gazos Creek Beach Access along Gazos Creek Road to Cloverdale, then down Pescadero Creek Road, stopping at numerous migratory hotspots. Contact @gyrrlfalcon for more information.

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