Welcome, Amanda!

It took a bit longer than expected, but we finally managed to hire another software engineer, so please welcome Amanda Bullington to the iNat community! Amanda will be leading us into new technological territory as we re-implement Seek in React Native, a mobile development framework that enables code sharing between Android and iPhone apps, and will allow us to reuse some of the code we use on the website as well. Hopefully they'll also be working on the many other parts of our infrastructure that rely on Javascript (website, API, etc.). In addition to being an avid hiker, Amanda is a triathlete, speaks Mandarin, and seems to be an expert in optimizing credit cards for travel bonuses, so they bring a lot to the team (I, by comparison, can run a mile, mispronounce "ni hao," and put credit cards into little boxes to get groceries, but that's about it). Anyway, we're all super excited to have Amanda onboard and are looking forward to working with them!

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Congrats @albullington.

Publicado por vermfly hace más de 5 años

Thanks @vermfly! Very excited to be part of the iNat community.

Publicado por albullington hace más de 5 años

Awesome, very exciting! This all sounds very neat though i only understand 23% of it. Welcome!

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Welcome to iNat!

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Welcome to iNat @albullington! Hope to cross paths with you in the field someday.

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This is a great community! Welcome!

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Congratulations and welcome!

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Welcome and congratulations @albullington!

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So glad to have you on the team, Amanda!

Publicado por carrieseltzer hace más de 5 años

Awesome! Can't wait to see new developments!

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Congrats ! The current team is already doing a great job so I am looking forward to great new features that will make iNat every better and easier to use !

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Welcome aboard, @albullington. I'm pretty much all at sea with coding, but good to hear that you've plenty to keep you occupied ;) with regard to the cross platform stuff. I, too, am in awe of those brave enough to take on any of the Chinese languages Having been over 20 years in Hong Kong, I still can't pick the tones in Cantonese (Guangdong hua), and find Putonghua a little easier, though by no means a cakewalk. Ni hao I can manage, but pretty much everything else is méiyǒu 没有 / zuò bù dào 做不到 ("nope / can't do" for non putonghua readers). I learned some basic grammar and vocab 15 years ago and have never really put it to good use - use it or lose it scenario. Will you be able to assist with iNat in China? It is available without a VPN in some cities (e.g. Shenzhen)

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Welcome Amanda! My hope is that you will now be the first person to post iNat observations while running, biking, and in the water during a competition. And blogs about travel rewards while going to cool nature places.

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Welcome, Amanda! I'm with Muir about the triathlon posts...in fact, that could make for some kind of interesting challenge, some sort of iNat triathlon. Though if I were to try it, I think I'd succeed only in being the first person to post while drowning...

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i did add something while doing a 5k once, but swimming is a whole other level

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Very happy to have such an excellent team member!

Publicado por susanhewitt hace más de 5 años

Congratulations. You've got my dream job though. :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! No promises about the iNat observations during a triathlon though...my photos are blurry enough when I'm not in motion :)

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