Navapol Komanasin

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Former programmer; Current naturalist; Arachno/ophiofauna enthusiast (SEA spp.); iNat addicted; Math appreciator; Memist; Observist; Empty glass; Th/En;

One among active iNat users of Thailand. Proudly accepted to be part of local (Bangkok and nationwide) City Nature Challenge team as technical and taxonomical consultant since 2021 (remotely, though I'm out of areas).

Projects I'm in charge of:

Collections and Umbrellas:
Jumping Spiders of Thailand
Snakes of Thailand
Frogs and Toads of Thailand
Nong Prajak Park สวนสาธารณะหนองประจักษ์

World Wide Spider's Webs - collecting spider observations with subjects' webs and threads noticeable
Food Contaminations - collecting unintentional occurrences of organisms in food and drinking
Living With Bamboos - tracking lives around bamboo ecosystems
Spider's Bellies - collecting spider observations with subjects' ventral images

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