Observations of the week (22.05.2022 - 29.05.2022)

Hello everyone! This is the fourteenth "Observations of the Week" post of the Biodiversity of South India Project!
Here they are in order:

  1. A Pyraloidea sp. from Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala by @pranavchandrabose, who is also a group member.
    This observation received 5 votes (@pranavchandrabose voted for the Boiga flavivirdis) from our members!

  2. A mating pair of White Lynx Spiders (Oxyopes shweta) from Mysore, Karnataka by @vijayalakshmi
    This observation received 3 votes!

  3. A Yellow-green Cat Snake (Boiga flavivirdis) from Tamil Nadu by @saravanaraja_vicky.
    This happens to be the first observation of the species in Tamil Nadu on iNat. This observation received 1 vote!

Wonderful observations everyone! :)

Here's the invite link for the project members who haven't joined the WhatsApp group:

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