Observations of the week (15.05.2022 - 21.05.2022)

Hello everyone! This is the thirteenth "Observations of the Week" post of the Biodiversity of South India Project!
This week, we have two ties! Also, the observations are mostly from Karnataka and mostly of spiders. Here they are in order:

  1. A near-threatened Karwar Burrowing Spider (Thrigmopoeus truculentus) from Udupi, Karnataka by @jithesh, who is also a group member.
    This observation received 2 votes (@jithesh voted for the Smodicinus sp.) from our members!

  2. A Eustenogaster sp. from Karkala, Karnataka by @jithesh, again. :D
    This observation, which is the first one for this genus in India on iNat, received 2 votes as well!

  3. A pair of rare Smodicinus sp. from Belagavi, Karnataka by @shashikanthbkambannavar.
    This observation received 1 vote!

  4. An undescribed spider from the subfamily Spartaeinae from Ranipet, Tamil Nadu by @samrudhnandagopal, a group member.
    The third record of this spider known, this observation received 1 vote (not from him)!

Wonderful observations everyone! :)

Here's the invite link for the project members who haven't joined the WhatsApp group:

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Thank u so much @biodiversity-of-south-india

Publicado por shashikanthbkamba... hace 6 meses (Marca)

You're welcome! :)

Publicado por samrudhnandagopal hace 6 meses (Marca)

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