Day 3 - We are Global!

Excited to check in this morning and see that @tim_black is leading our BioBlitz with 10 observations. What's even more exciting is that we are truly global in this BioBlitz as Tim's observations are coming in from France. Seeing that he had observed a California Poppy got me wondering if it was an invasive species, so I did a quick search. Ended up with a great map and resource from Global Biodiversity Information Facility (Think about those National Geographic Educator Courses on Geo-Inquiry and using it)

This of course brings me to the question of how might you use BioBlitz experiences with your students?

And to answer the question that was on yesterday's post shared in the National Geographic Education Explorer Mindset Facebook. community "I have uploaded some photos already, and I am trying to connect the pictures from my Seek app, which I have been using some weeks ago. How to transfer my Seek observations to my INaturalist observation?"

Honestly, I don't know. I did however find these two responses in the iNaturalist forum.

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