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23 de junio de 2021

That's A Wrap/ Save the Date

Yesterday, our two week BioBlitz came to a close. Here are some of our stats

  • 355 Observations (with 25% research grade)
  • 266 different species (with 64% plants)
  • 12 observers
    *101 Identifiers (they don't need to be in the project but are others who might be connected to our members in the project)

From a contributor perspective, @owensscience had the most observations (169) and most species observed (88). We had observations from the United States, Italy, France, India, and Mauritius.

Save the Date
We're going to kick off another two week Bioblitz on Friday, July 16 (Word Snake Day). I would love someone to volunteer to serve as a co-administrator so you can see the BioBlitz back end and share the journey as well.

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14 de junio de 2021

The Weekend Update - Leaders, Cicadas, and Let's Caption This

As we enter a new week, let's check out some community highlights from our current BioBlitz.

On the leader board with the MOST OBSERVATIONS and MOST SPECIES is @owensscience That would be 48 observations with 34 different species. Currently we have a total of nine (9) observers in the group and 116 species total.

Just over a quarter of our observations are research grade. See which ones here Research Grade. So go ahead and visit the community and agree with identifications you see or suggest some.

Our first cicada showed up

For fun, let's try a caption this with this Eastern Gray Squirrel seen by @maryford
Share a comment with how you would caption (or a statement on a meme you might use)

PS - If you haven't joined the BioBlitz yet, we are at https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/nat-geo-explorer-mindset-community-bioblitz

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11 de junio de 2021

Day 4 - Super Excited About My Find (and journal formatting practice)

Today is the day I work through playing with formatting in the journal/ news format. I'll do that based on the context of sharing my excitement about yesterday's observation.

After several months of intentionally visiting the pond in my neighborhood to find the beaver that plenty of trees showed evidence of, bold I finally spotted the beaver! bold The best part of it was that I wasn't looking. I was just trying to get my steps in for the day and it was cool enough plus I had some time.

(If the formatting tip I learned at https://www.inaturalist.org/posts/21170-adding-photos-to-journal-and-news-posts worked, you'll see the photo above. If not, visit link )

italic If my formatting worked, it's all thanks to @maryford leading me to this post https://www.inaturalist.org/posts/38475-less-agreeable-observations-more-agreeable-text-formatting?fbclid=IwAR2KR3GvdaCVTlQVxItMMyrMjctdzvZqc-u8ckuMuvBNgSTA8zvLYlMr4Yo italic

NOTE: As you can tell, my formatting did not work so I need to work on playing with those nuances. 😂

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10 de junio de 2021

Day 3 - We are Global!

Excited to check in this morning and see that @tim_black is leading our BioBlitz with 10 observations. What's even more exciting is that we are truly global in this BioBlitz as Tim's observations are coming in from France. Seeing that he had observed a California Poppy got me wondering if it was an invasive species, so I did a quick search. Ended up with a great map and resource from Global Biodiversity Information Facility https://www.gbif.org/species/2888380 (Think about those National Geographic Educator Courses on Geo-Inquiry and using it)

This of course brings me to the question of how might you use BioBlitz experiences with your students?

And to answer the question that was on yesterday's post shared in the National Geographic Education Explorer Mindset Facebook. community "I have uploaded some photos already, and I am trying to connect the pictures from my Seek app, which I have been using some weeks ago. How to transfer my Seek observations to my INaturalist observation?"

Honestly, I don't know. I did however find these two responses in the iNaturalist forum.

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09 de junio de 2021

Day 2 - How Does Contributing to the BioBlitz Work?

  1. Join the Nat Geo Explorer Mindset Community BioBlitz
    A. Click this link to join the project - https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/nat-geo-explorer-mindset-community-bioblitz
    B. Search for the project (Video how to - https://youtu.be/0MPQW0JBTpc)
    That's how I found the NJSTA Spring Bioblitz when I read about it on Facebook

  2. Any observations you make in iNaturalist that meet the parameters of the BioBlitz will get added to the project once you connect to the project. For this Bioblitz the only "parameters" I set were the dates of June 8-15, 2021. (Brief description here via video - https://youtu.be/AtkdePB7yT0)

Curious about how to manage projects? Find out more here - https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/managing-projects

PS - Thanks, Jess, for inspiring today's journal post.

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08 de junio de 2021

Welcome to Day 1 of our BioBlitz

Thanks for joining this BioBlitz experiment. I set it up so I could "play" with what it is like to have a project, from the set up to creating posts to seeing what it looks like on the "project management" end, etc. (If you are thinking of creating a project, a guide it at https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/managing-projects )

Feel free to take photos of anything out there in the world. I know some BioBlitz's are set up with a daily theme. This is not. Hoping to see a variety of plants, animal, and fungi showing up from around our explorer community.

As we build our skills, here is a collection of resources on Plant Identification, including some strategies for picture taking to help with identification. https://wke.lt/w/s/oyX4qx

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