04/03/21 Bird survey: Haining Farm Conservation Park

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
After nearly an entire year away from fieldwork (due to covid of course), I was able to make a return by joining the bird survey at Haining Farm that runs monthly by BirdLife Australia volunteers and which Friends volunteers joined this month. Our group was a mix of locals and those driving an hour or more, experienced birders and novices. The mood was cheery and much conversation was had as we walked through the site recording the bird species. So much information was passed back and forth between the participants, sharing knowledge on bird species, bird calls, habitat, flora and more. A very enjoyable start to the day!
My thanks to Gretchen for her unsolicited words :)
In just 2 years, the transformation from paddock to conservation zone, led by Parks Victoria with key partners Greening Australia and Zoos Victoria, is pretty phenomenal.

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