24/02/21 Bird & Platypus survey: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
Anat has a way with words. Would you agree?
"On a beautiful summer day a group of 15 of us met up in the Yellingbo Reserve for a platypus and birdlife survey.
For the platypus survey, we walked along a few kilometers of the Woori Yallock Creek and the group spread out at three points along the creek, where we watched the flowing creek for 10 minutes, hoping to see platypus activity. It's interesting to know that 10 minutes is generally enough to ascertain if platypus are around in that area. We were not able to see any platypus, but will continue to survey at regular intervals, and perhaps have more success in winter, during the breeding season when the males will be more active, patrolling and protecting their habitat.
We had more luck with the bird survey, where we recorded the highest number of species of any of the previous surveys. The birds must have been enjoying the weather too! A standout was seeing the Sacred Kingfisher posing beautifully on a dead branch."

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