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My real name is Chris Thomas but there are just to many of us! Hence miltoncontact.

From childhood, I've always loved science. I became a molecular biologist working with plants and plant pests, from tobacco mosaic virus to, yes, root knot nematodes.

Since work ended up with invisible DNA in a clear liquid, microscopy was my hobby at home. Looking at small things in a small house with a small family fitted well. I used to draw was that I saw. Then I took up photography through the microscope, when it was still on film. I was liberated when digital photography became possible. I now run a small publishing company but science and microscopy are still with me.

A current bee in my bonnet is the invasive, destructive, nearly global Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii).

A member of two amateur microscopy groups, with origins in the Victorian era and still going strong today. They are the Postal Microscopical Society and the Quekett Microscopical Club. It is such a diverse group, from those simply delighting in small things, to experts on pollen and rotifers. Citizen scientists: -)

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