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29 de septiembre de 2023

20/09, 21/09 & 27/23 Flora, Frog & Bird surveys: Yellingbo

Notes from: three Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science events.
This month, we've been contributing to the BioBlitz happening across local government areas.

20/09/23 Flora & Frog survey: What could be better than planting Common Heath (Victoria's flora emblem) in the Yellingbo bush today, then doing a flora and frog survey with an awesome group of people aged 5-75?

21/09/23 Youth Bird, Frog & Flora survey: Our Youth Reference Group joined Sue T and Rachel for a day in Manuka Meadows - a portion of land undergoing revegetation efforts to support the movement of Helmeted Honeyeaters & Leadbeater Possums across the landscape. We conducted a few 20 min, 2 ha bird surveys, learnt how to ID emerging orchids and how to best record obs on iNaturalist. The frogs were heard in the distance, but not in our survey area today. Overall, a lovely day in the sun (and a bit of rain) with likeminded individuals!

27/09/23 Bird & Frog survey: Our regular citizen science Bird and Frog survey team were joined today by families with children aged 4-14 years, who all contributed to our final tally of 41 bird species, 2 frog species, 1 platypus - great spotting Karin - and lots of interesting invertebrates, fungi and plants. A special moment for everyone was watching from a good distance across the creek as an Eastern Yellow Robin came and went from its well hidden nest in a Prickly Currant Bush.

What a pleasure it is to share the special place of Yellingbo Nature Conservation Area with like-minded people!! No matter your age or background, you can make a positive contribution to the natural world. Thank you team!!

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