23 de febrero de 2021

Exotics or native wildlife?

There have been some questions about whether we're just interested in native wildlife or whether we would accept observations for exotic/non-native species in this project. Please feel free to add exotic species observations as we can always use and sort these data in different ways.

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Tracking the impacts of this storm on wildlife

Uri (the winter storm that occurred February 13-17, 2021 that brought record cold temperatures to many parts of North America) has dominated the recent news cycle, and in addition to the toll it's taken on human communities, many people are sharing their observations of the toll on wildlife via social media (like this report of Eastern Bluebirds from North Texas). We welcome folks to share such sightings with this project as well!

To share observations, you must have an iNaturalist account and join this project. Then, select the observations you wish to share and add them to this project. While it was set up and is administered by Texas Parks and Wildlife, this project will accept observations made during February 2021 throughout North America.

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