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04 de noviembre de 2022

St Thomas' 2022, Day 308

84°F, 61% humidity, wind gusts 14 miles an hour NW. A few fluffy clouds dotted on the horizon. A lot of pine straw has fallen and leaves and acorns. The top quarter of the oaks are rusty or yellow. The crape myrtles' leaves to the northwest are red or have fallen. The cypresses are glowing orange in the evening sun. Little midges are hovering in columns, and micromoths are flitting about. The black cherries near the pavilion have half of their leaves, and half of the remaining leaves are yellow. The Stereum on the northern branch of the willow oak to the NE of the pavilion looks dry, but the branch is still hanging in there. Acorns are hitting the ground and the pavilion every now and then. I only heard a couple of cheeps from a bird, but I'm not sure what kind it was. The wind must have things keeping their heads down. A possible oak bracket fungus is growing on a stump to the south of the pavilion.

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