Check old Ericaceae observations

Unfortunately an Australian user with thousands (tens of thousands from memory) of identifications, mostly of Ericaceae (especially on the east coast), deleted their account a few weeks ago. These IDs have all now been lost.

I won't get into a discussion here about the pros/cons of allowing all content to be deleted (there are numerous forum threads about this issue, I recommend having a read of those), but I wanted to make this post as I believe most people won't have realised this user deleted their account and thus all of their IDs (I only even realised as @jackiemiles brought it to my attention today). Unfortunately the deletion was long enough ago now (> two weeks) that staff basically cannot retrieve a backup without shutting down all of iNat, which obviously is not feasible.

So I'm tagging top IDers and observers of Ericaceae in Australia (mostly east coast) here; if you have some time over the next week or two, it would be great to go back through old records and add IDs where you can. In particular, there will be many observations of easily IDed species that were RG but have now shifted back to Needs ID (eg there are now over 100 records of Epacris longiflora that have shifted back to Needs ID where only two IDs were present, the observer and the deleted user).

Also, and perhaps most importantly, there will now be records with incorrect IDs due to the deleted IDs having been corrective.

Given I do not know why the user deleted their account, please do not name them here if you do know who I'm referring to, and don't speculate as to why they deleted their account, as I do not think this is productive.

As usual, please tag anyone else I may have missed

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There seems to be quite a lot of misidentified Epacris impressa now. (I mean plants IDed as E. impressa that aren't.)

Publicado por vireyajacquard hace 6 meses

Thank you for this advice. That explains why there has been a jump in Needs ID numbers indicated by filter searches recently. I've had a quick look at my own Ericaceae observations and many from this year have gone back to Needs ID. There will be a problem in the Blue Mountains particularly with confusion between Epacris microphylla and E. gunnii that we thought we were on the way to sorting out. Lots of other species affected here as well.

Publicado por margaretjb hace 6 meses

I'll have a go at the "easy" ones.

Publicado por elizabethhatfield hace 6 meses

Roger that

Publicado por cynthia_c hace 5 meses

Thanks Thomas. How disappointing. I’m working my way through some quick easy species.

Publicado por helen_y hace 5 meses

Oh!! Ok I will venture into the obs over next few weeks and identify where I can. I should be ok to help with E gunnii now.

Publicado por buffsky hace 5 meses

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