Day 3 and 4 Stats

Days 3 and 4 stats have been posted to the NRMBC Facebook Page:

Thanks for helping document the awesome biodiversity in the Y2Y! It's been fascinating to watch the observations come in, and the differences in the kinds of species observed throughout the ecoregion.

● Monday June 12 - Sunday June 18, 2023: Uploading and ID period
● Monday June 19, 2023: Results announced on the NRMBC Facebook Page.

Results will include a ranked list of Observers/capita, and Top 10 lists of the most prolific observers.

Be sure to mark your calendar so you can participate in the upcoming 2023 Fall Northern Rocky Mountain Biodiversity Challenge:

• Thursday September 14 - Sunday September 17, 2023: Observations made
• Monday September 18 - Sunday September 24, 2023: Uploading and ID period
• Monday September 25, 2023: Results announced

If anyone would like to help compile the stats, make an infographic, or be an Adin for a future NRMBC in your jurisdiction, please send an email to:

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