Dutch plants

Hello all,

There are currently 3300 dutch observations labelled as 'Plant'. Some of them however can be pushed deeper in the taxonomy tree. Some of them can be marked as captured. In for helping out with this?

Here is a link to start:

I plan to do each day a couple of them and let's se how far we can get.



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@lotteryd @michaelbakkerpaiva @ducco @wojciech @dgcurrywheel @weekend @brothernorbert @wojtest @igor_kuzmin @alex_iosipenko @hanna2402 @tobi123 @katrin_simon @padraicflood @ahospers @optilete @nikibifrost In the meanwhile 1000 plants are classified into deeper taxons and/or marked as not wild. Help is appreciated but don't feel obliged

Publicado por rudolphous hace 6 días

did some on kingdom-level ;)

Publicado por nikibifrost hace 6 días

Nice initiative, I have done a few, will try chip away at them in the coming days

Publicado por padraicflood hace 5 días

Thanks for all the help and great ID work. 24 hours later and we are approaching already ~500 left. That means last day 1800 observations have received a better classification now!

Publicado por rudolphous hace 5 días

Only 250 left

Publicado por rudolphous hace 1 día

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