I Naturalist visit to Estero Bluffs State Park

May 04, 2023
Cayucos Land Conservancy iNaturalist Outing to Estero Bluffs State Park, 4/29/2023
Under gray and tranquil skies, twenty hikers walked the Estero Bluffs with CLC Treasurer, Tom Seville, to observe and identify plants and animals using the iNaturalist phone app. Walking along San Geronimo Creek the group spied Red Willows, Orange Monkey Flower, California Sage, and Coyote Bush. Red Winged Blackbirds and a roosting Osprey were also observed.

Going on to the beach with a light low tide the group observed Tegula Snails, Sea Anemones, Algae of various types, Buckshot and Goose Neck Barnacles, a large Tube Snail shell, and a Tunicate washed up from Estero Bay!

Four of our Observers (tom8992, marls, Chasteebs, and tseville) posted several pictures each and several had confirmed identifications. It was a great day to visit Estero Bluffs State Park!

Check out upcoming events at www.cayucoslandconservancy.org on the "Happenings" Tab and please come join the fun!

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