Great to be here again!

So we came in on Saturday. Our flight was about an hour late and for the first time ever in 23 years it was raining when we arrived. There was a great deal of cloud cover over the entire region. Five international flights had arrived at SKB all more or less at the same time -- that's pretty amazing. I have never seen more than two flights arrive close together. It is not a large airport.

It took a very long time to get a wheelchair, but in the airport checking all the documents was quite well set up. We needed to show our KN acceptance letter three times -- in the health check, in Immigration, and in Customs.

Outside the terminal we were met by Elmoth in a taxi. Elmoth drove us to the IGA Basseterre supermarket and we bought a lot of groceries. Then Elmoth drove us up to the Cockleshell Bay pier, where there were really a lot of cars waiting! The water taxi came soon, but there was no free Ting or water this time.

We unloaded near Oualie on the new concrete pier, but we had to use Tin Tin Taxi to get us over to our room, number 221, called Pelican Point, with all our numerous bags, which were luggage plus a lot of shopping bags and cardboard boxes full of groceries.

Our room looked good. I unpacked a little bit, but not much. Made dinner. Went to bed early.

Sunday I walked the grounds and made iNat observations. Also went in for a swim. And did almost all the unpacking.

Monday more observations around the hotel grounds and beach.

Really great to be here again!

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