South section - 03/07/2022 (Lots. And a shrew!)

Conducted survey of the South section from 8:46 am - 12:30 pm.

Weather: Clear, cold (45 F) and sunny. Tiny amount of rainfall March 3-5 was 0.15 inch, apparently just enough to be inspirational to the newts.

Observers: Robin and Jim

Newts: 342 dead adult newts plus 3 dead juveniles. No live newts, very few fresh. Oddly high proportion of "floaters," not sure what's happening, since we were the last NPers to do the road a few days ago and I am careful to toss them over the cliff.

Non-newts: 1 shrew sp. (possibly Ornate Shrew:, 1 Arboreal Salamander, 1 American Toad.

Documented Human Activity:
Cars: 20
Trucks: 1
Motorcycles: 0
Bikes: 5
Pedestrians: 3
Parked cars: 3

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