Virtual training sessions for everyone

From City Nature Challenge 2021: Tshwane's Journal for all:

Virtual training sessions
Virtual training sessions will be hosted by the CREW team every Friday morning during March and April. Leave your name in the comments below with the date that best suits you. The link for MS Teams or Zoom will be shared. Evening training sessions may be arranged as required for 18:30 - 19:30. Leave a comment should you be interested.

In-person training for a group of 10 people max can be arranged. Please post your requests in comments below for further engagement.

Prerequisites to join a course:

Good internet connection.
iNaturalist APP preloaded onto your mobile device.
iNaturalist profile created .Make contact prior to the session should you have challenges creating a profile.
an image to upload
Weekly sessions will be as follows:
1-hour Smartphone session (9:00 - 10:00) will cover the following topics:
• Making an observation
• Doing lots of pictures
• Zooming in
• Observe and leave IDs for after
• Adding projects
• Saving
• Working offline with auto-upload off and ID suggestions off
• Battery and saving power + auxillary packs
• Extras: macro lenses, sounds,
• Uploading at night
• Questions

1-hour Computer session (10:30-11:30) will cover the following topics:
• Taking photos
• Doing mapwork (tricks: tracks on smartphone or GPS, inserting exif)
• Cropping and checking
• Uploading observations
• Adding projects and data
• Checking.
• Checking data and uploads
• Helping with IDs
• Homework: planning for the CNC

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