Leafminers in North America, a new project

I imagine that most people have, once in a while, seen leafminer tracks -- white meandering lines or spotches within leaves of all kinds of plants? Mines are caused by the larvae of a surprising variety of different insects: moths, flies, beetles, and sawflies.

I am happy to announce that iNat has a brand new project, "Leafminers of North America", started by Charlie Eiseman, an outstanding leafminer expert. if you don't know much about leafminers, take a look at this project and the images it contains:


If you already have made some leafminer observations, please go ahead and add them to this project, and as spring and summer in North America progresses, please keep your eyes open for more leafmines.

There are leafminers in all kinds of different plants, and many leafminers are rather poorly known to science, which makes them even more interesting and important! There are many new species waiting to be discovered among leafminers.

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Nice! Will be keeping an eye out for any leaf tracks!

Publicado por kibby hace más de 5 años

Thanks Libby!

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Thanks Jason! It is a fascinating topic.

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