Tanya Sulikowski

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I trained as a field ecologist and have continued to work with a variety of species throughout my career. My favorites are the often-less-loved bats and rattlesnakes. I've also taught middle and high school science and used my hands-on knowledge of ecology to bring science lessons to life for my students. My experiences in the forest and the classroom demonstrated to me what a powerful teacher nature can be.

I was selected as a 2017 Grosvenor Teaching Fellow by National Geographic and awarded the “Women in Wildlife” Award for Education by the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

I earned my B.S in Conservation and Applied Ecology from Rutgers University and M.S. in Ecology and Evolution from Montclair State University. I am currently the Director of Education at the NJ School of Conservation in the heart of Stokes State Forest.

In my off time, I live what I teach. I'm an avid native plant and organic vegetable gardener and love to hike, paddle, and explore the planet’s wildest places with friends and my husband Bruce.

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