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Hello I'm a bug enthusiast whom, since I could remember, have been turning over rocks looking for any bugs. But what really has always had my attention was looking for caterpillars. I have a very early memory of playing in a youth soccer game. While I was running with they ball I stopped to move a wooly bear caterpillar off the field of play. I remember doing that very often...I developed from early on a pretty good understanding of most animals especially the strange and colorful. Caterpillars were my especiality..nowadays I've been most interested in arachnids after a Salticidae, Marpissa lineata male appeared to me as I was painting a portrait, I was very intrigued and inspired. I looked online at jumping spiders of the area and spotted my Marpissa lineata. But was very interested by the male Magnolia green, Lyssomanes viridis pictured. I though, "Oh if I could see one of those in person! The next day an impressive male Magnolia green appeared to me! It was just like the one I had seen online the day before! After that I knew it was a sign of something happening so I followed it with excitement and a lot of anxiety to see and photograph every one that may be around! This was summer of 2021. I took many photos and learned a whole lot about arachnids and the largest group of them all insects! I wanna know everything about our world and I thank everyone here a inaturalist for assisting people with said knowledge! I am willing to learn so I appreciate those who have helped me with corrections and how to use this database!

My cellphone, Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, is my camera and I use a clip-on macro lens, Xenvo, to take almost all my pictures. Personally I recommend it because the quality can be great in the right lighting and costs penny's in comparison to a proper macro camera setup. My pictures are an extention of my paintings. I paint a lot of still lives and can draw your portrait too! So I am looking for my niche as far as using these photos as an artistic medium as are oil paints. Although most of my photos are just to capture a basic ID of something, sometimes I may take a picture based on artistic intention and may share it as well.. Although I do feel like nature itself is an awsome expression. Can a photo capture that? I tend to take a lot of photos some are displayed in a sideshow style. Again I thank everyone who has helped me identify things I may not know of, and patience when my ignorance may show.

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