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My name is Sarah, a highschool student based in New Zealand. Over the last 4 years in my life, I have been interested in the study of the human body. But today, I have found a new interest. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I have been very much fascinated in the native plants, insects, shells, and animals which we have here in New Zealand. Listening to the plants, insects, animals, and shells, my friend tells me everyday, fascinates and surprises me everytime. I think its amazing how such little or unexpected things can turn out to be such important things with a huge impact on our life. I enjoy looking/learning at the colour, patterns, form, size, and lifestyles of these things. I do not have much experience or knowledge in things that involve the environment, but I do enjoy photographing pictures of them. Join and watch me, as well go through this fun and exciting journey together ;D!!

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