Patricia (Patty) Chan

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I'm a botanist, natural science illustrator, and lifelong lover of plants and the organisms that interact with them! Outside of plants, I'm an interested novice in fungi, lichens, birds, and arthropods.

I'm currently a Botany PhD candidate at University of Wisconsin-Madison studying plant systematics, evolution, pollination ecology, historical biogeography, and floral chemistry. My flora knowledge is strongest in the northeastern and midwestern United States, though I have a soft spot for California's mediterranean coastal scrub and the herbaceous understory of the western Sierra foothills. I've previously worked on the reproductive ecology and phylogenomics of Calochortus (Mariposa Lilies & Friends) (Liliaceae)

These days I'm focusing on my dissertation work on the phylogenomics, historical biogeography, and pollination ecology of Darwinia (Myrtaceae) in southwest WA, Australia.

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