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A lifelong outdoors person and conservationist, hunter, usually frustrated fisher and opportunistic birder and enthusiastic Texas Master Naturalists, (Alamo Area Chapter, AAMN). Because I am a AAMN member I'm easing into becoming a quasi-entomologist (read that "queasy"), improving as an amateur botanist, am an accidental herpetologist, (yikes) and steward of my 8000 square feet of planet earth, (a forever improving, never completed, certified backyard wildlife habitat).
I along with 12 phenomenal AAMN teammates we have launched AAMN’s first 6-month game camera, “camera trap” study of the wildlife, specifically predators inhabiting the natural areas and greenways of the City of San Antonio. This AAMN study is in conjunction with the City of San Antonio Parks Department and the Texas Parks and Wildlife, (TPWD)-Texas Nature Trackers, (TNT) Mammals of Texas Project. Without them this project simply could not have happened, and I want to thank them personally.

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