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In 2004 my then-new stepfather gave me Ken Kaufman's bird guide, and suggested that I start a bird list. I had always been interested in science and nature, and remember noting birds like Scissor-tailed Flycatchers when I was in the 2nd grade. The bird-listing slowly caught on, and was merged with another long-time interest in photography. Butterflies and Dragonflies soon followed as interests. At present, I can't get enough of spending time in nature with my camera, and am always planning my next "big trip".

I am a retired software engineer, and I also create nature-related web sites on the side. Sites I have developed include:
Texas Ornithological Society http://texasbirds.com
Louisiana Ornithological Society http://losbird.org
Nature photography sites:
Greg Lasley http://greglasley.com
Giff Beaton https://giffbeaton.com
Dan Jones http://danjonesnature.com
Me (James Giroux) https://jamesagiroux.com

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