Dan MacNeal

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I'm a birder/naturalist from southern Ontario, Canada. With birds being my primary focus using eBird (eBird Profile) to track and log the majority of my sightings. I've always been interested in anything outdoors and wild, especially insects. iNaturalist has become home to any and all creatures I can find and hope to identify. I look forward and hope to expand my identification range and knowledge of natural history and biodiversity.

I am an eBird reviewer for Wellington and Dufferin Counties in Ontario as well as a voting member of the OBRC for the 2022/23/24 term.
I also help to co-coordinate and review records in region 10 and 47 for the 3rd Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas.

List of my observed species
If you want to have a look, here are links to my records that need confirmation in iNaturalist:
Insects--Odonata, Moths, Butterflies, Beetles, Flies, Insects(all)
Birds, Herps, Spiders, Plants, Mammals, Fish.

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