Dani Christensen

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Birder, naturalist, and field biologist based in the South SF Bay Area, CA! Humboldt Wildlife '18. I'm an avid birder, and most of my bird observations are on eBird (although I've noticed I'm logging fewer and fewer checklists for fun as I survey birds for work...). All photos of bird nests were taken with care & caution as a trained professional biologist.

CyberTracker Certifed Level I in Track & Sign, Apr 2022, Santa Cruz Mountains. I learned a lot about the process (and myself) during my first evaluation in April 2022. I did not do much preparation (thanks, life) and found myself second-guessing my initial assessment of many spoor and my score suffered for it! Looking to go into my second eval with more confidence by practicing and reading!

Current obsessions: jumping spiders, bird tracks & sign
*edit: jumping spiders were a gateway spider, I am now obsessed with all the spoods

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