John Cull

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Wildlife advocate through photographs in the east of Melbourne but at other locations in Victoria when visiting.
Projects :
Monitoring nest boxes for Kreffts glider ( FFDC project)
FFDC revegetation projects
On going research on Blue- billed duck numbers in Australia but mainly Victoria through monitoring of EBird records.
eBird and Birdata counts mainly at wetlands in the east of Melbourne but at other sites if I’m there.

City Nature Challenge Greater Melbourne 2023 - Bird observations

2022 -2023 ongoing
First Friends of Dandenong Creek Inat project
Nature in Maroondah
Published research on Blue-billed Ducks with links to research on Victorian locations and
SWIFFT Information
Report on Blue Bill Duck Numbers and locations 2015-2021

2021 -2023 ongoing
Wildlife of Lake Knox

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