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02 de agosto de 2021

Randall's Island, a nature outing

I spent two hours in the Freshwater Wetlands area of Randall's Island, between noon and 2 pm today. I managed to find a few new lifers, assuming I have ID'ed them correctly:


Conoytachelus fissunguis -- several of these neat-looking true weevils were deep in a flower of Swamp Rose Mallow

Jumping Bush Cricket -- just one nymph

Eutreta noveboracensis -- a very cute little fruit fly

Coenosia tigrina -- a fly with stripes and hairs

A delicate mushroom growing under a log, next time I need to smell the mushroom.


Butterflies that I saw:

Cabbage White
Zabulon Skipper
Broad-winged Skipper
Summer Azure
Eastern Tailed Blue
Red Admiral
Silver-spotted Skipper
Pearl Crescent

And a few nice other things like five-angled dodder and dodder gall weevil galls in a tree pit on 125th Street.

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27 de agosto de 2021

Summer bucket list in NYC

So, I had a list of places where I wanted to go iNatting this summer in NYC. I managed to cross them all of my list, or nearly all of them. This despite a lot of ongoing pain in my left foot which limits how much walking I can do each day.

Governors Island -- a superb destination -- I want to go back there several times more.

Roosevelt Island -- I got to Southpoint Park yesterday. Nothing very surprising, but interesting.

Rockaway Beach via the ferry from Wall Street -- really great -- I had a lovely time and found a number of new things.

These visits were in addition to my usual, less ambitious, destinations:

Randall's Island Park

Carl Schurz Park

Central Park at 106th Street -- the Harlem Meer, the Conservatory Garden and "Insect Hill"

Central Park at 102nd Street -- the Butterfly Gardens

Central Park at 79th Street -- the Shakespeare Garden -- I did not yet see the rabbits which Iive there.

I also hope to get back one more time to Soundview Park in the Bronx, via the ferry, before the end of summer (Sept 21st). The "Soundview" ferry stop is actually in Clason Park, not Soundview Park, which is two or three miles further north. I will attempt to take the local bus up to there the next time I go.

So, all in all I am very happy with the iNatting I have done this summer. I also got to meet fellow iNatter @zitserm, in a two-person meetup on Randall's Island, an outing which was very helpful and very interesting.


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