20 de junio de 2023

Nature Walk

I was accompanied by two friends as we took a stroll around the reservoir at Boston College. There was a little wetness in the air. Our feet were in contact with the slightly soggy ground and the grass was covered with dew with each stride. We came across a lily of the valley that was only in its leafy stage of bloom as we were exploring the wet area. There was a delectable scent in the air.The black cherry trees joined us as we continued on. On our way out of the forest-like area, we came across that. The region was covered in eastern white pines. In the limited space, there were a few trees about ten in total. There were several arctium Lappa and common chickweed. I'm happy to report that I had a wonderful experience when I was at the res. Overall, it was a wonderful experience that left me relaxed and satisfied. There was peace in the air, and there was a light mist in the air. The vacation was made more delightful by the fact that I went on it with two pals. I'm appreciative that I had the opportunity to have such a relaxing and wonderful time, and I am looking forward to discovering more natural treasures. Lastly, the nature walk was both relaxing and really needed. Been having a stressful week of football and this was a great way to destress myself. Also when identified the plants I used an app called PlantIn. I don’t know how accurate it is but it helped me get the right idea.

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09 de junio de 2023

Nature walk

Today I went on a nature walk around McMullen Arts Museum at BC. It was a good 45 minutes. It was after a rainy, muggy day so it was pretty moist in the air. It was about 63 degrees and the ground was still wet from the drizzle prior in the day. I saw lichen on a tree by 2000 Commonwealth cemetery. It was on a very old tree. I do not know what kind of tree it was though. I looked it up and it was a mix of fungus and algae. I also saw some moss and other organisms on my walk around the museum. They grew on this stone wall. The whole wall was green and covered by it. I took a look at it and it seemed like it was heathy especially after the rain we had After not being an outside person, I noticed that taking a deep dive on observations , I noted that it is not bad. Side note: I also say some rats living in a tree stump which is pretty crazy to me. It was under a lot of leaves as well traveling through it. This area had a lot of wildlife in it. I saw some turkeys. It was definitely a nice experience because it was an hour or two after the rain and I did not have to worry about mosquitos due to all the spiders. That made the walk 10x better.

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