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19 de septiembre de 2021

Entry #1

The species that I chose to further observe is achillea millefolium better known as yarrow. This flowering plant falls under the Kingdom Plantae category and it is part of the family Asteraceae that contains over 32 000 different species.

I could not find many common adaptations for all the species that I observed and I believe that it's because some of them come from differently families hence they tend to live in different conditions. The only common trait is that they all have green leaves due to the fact that having many leaves are good to allow plants to absorb light in order to then contributes to photosynthesis which helps them grow.

Yarrows have a thick stem and a vast root system to allow them to survive in nutrient poor and dried out soil which is an ability that they have learned to have through adaptation (as their environment can include similar conditions).

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