17 de septiembre de 2021

BIO111 LAB 2 -Joseph Jung

The Cabbage White Butterfly belongs to the rapae species, the pieris genus, and the Pieridae family.
Since it is a butterfly, it is classified in the Lepidoptera order, and the insecta class(all insects).
and all insects fall under the Arthropoda phylum and the Animalia kingdom.
the spices which include in the pieris genus, including the pieris rapae, generally have wing color close to white and very light green. This color can help in camouflaging with the color of flower while drinking nectar from the flower in order to avoid predation. Also, cabbage white butterfly larvae and caterpillar are green which is very useful to avoid predation from predators.
one adaptation that all of observations might have in common is probably their color, which helps them blend/camoflauge with their environment either to avoid predators or hide and wait for preys.
For example the Labyrinth Spider's body color is very similar to the color of rocks or dirt around its web.

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