16 de junio de 2023

Walk around Boston College (Pine Tree Reserve, Chestnut Hill Reservoir, Chandler's Pond, Evergreen Cemetery)

On Tuesday, 14th of July, I walked around Boston College for around 1.5 hours where I came across many different species of plants and even a few animals. The weather that day was very sunny and not windy at all. I started off at the Pine Tree Reserve and was actually quite surprised that there were a few species of flowers present as well. I had never went in the Reserve and always assumed that there would only be pine trees present. After that, I walked around a section of Chestnut Hill Reservoir adjacent to the Pine Tree Reserve and saw a few other plants. I didn't really stay long there and proceeded to walk towards Chandler's Pond where I came across a few trails and the Evergreen Cemetery. I was excited to see a robin and a chipmunk there as well as other flowers. This was also where I found most of my observations. Lastly, when I reached Chandler's Pond, I sat on a bench for a few minutes just enjoying the view. I came across a goose which was quite cool. I assumed that it would run away if there were people too close to it but it surprisingly was very calm and minded its own business. Overall I enjoyed this walk very much. I got to see many different plants and a few animals as well which was a bonus point!

One thing I would like to note is that I just discovered the feature where people can actually comment on your observations and suggest the correct name of the organism. I accidentally misnamed a few of my observations and am very grateful to the people who pointed them out and allowed me to change my labels.

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09 de junio de 2023


Today I walked for around 1.5 hours around brookline area. I found a hidden trail that ended up being my main area of exploration. I also happened to walk around Brookline Reservoir Park where I also saw a few trees with moss. My walk started off bit cloudy and humid, but it soon started to drizzle and rain. During my walk I saw a lot of lichens and moss found on the surface of trees and rocks. I also saw a patch of algae on the ground. I couldn’t find as many fungi as I expected but I found two type of fungi (I’m not sure of their names) around the roots of trees. Regardless, I still enjoyed my walk. I noticed that the fungi tend to grow in shady areas. I did not find any fungi under direct sunlight. I haven’t been around nature in a while as I have been swamped with work from my summer classes so this was a good and much needed break from my laptop screen. I was able to see squirrels, birds, interesting plants which although isn’t part of this weeks theme, was still fun to observe.

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