17 de junio de 2023

Module 5: iNaturalist Nature Walk: Plant Theme

For this week's nature walk, I had just gotten home for the first time sine Easter, so I walked on my usual walking trail close to my house. It was during the morning, so the weather was nice around high 70's and cloudy. It was really nice being back on that trail during the summer, because all the plants were back alive and colorful compared to how they were in the winter when I was on the trail last. During the walk, I was able to find a good variety of plants, but not a lot of animals. I found it difficult to identify and understand what type of plants I was observing, but I still felt much more knowledgeable than I did before exploring the tree of life. Additionally, I could not find any gymnosperms, but I think it's because there are not any in this specific area, and I would have to travel a few miles to find them. Furthermore, it was difficult to find nonvascular plants like moss. I think this is because of the dryness of the area. The trail is not a particularly damp area for plants like moss to thrive, but I was able to find a semi dried up creek, which had some moss still there. This nature walk was really beneficial in the way that it changed my perspective on a walk that I go on consistently. It helped me really take a step back and observe the organisms that live around me during this routinely activity.

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10 de junio de 2023

Module 4: First iNaturalist Nature Walk

For my nature walk, I was walking through parks and courtyards a little south of central London. The weather was really nice, it was around mid 70's at sunset. I thought it would be very difficult to find fungi in the city, but there was actually quite a decent amount around. The most difficult part of the walk was determining whether my observations were actually an organism in the theme or if it was something we haven't studied yet. An interesting problem I kept running into was that many times when I thought I saw fungi from afar it was actually a form of litter like an apple core. I saw forms of fungi and lichen in the most interesting places. For example, I initially thought they would be in a grassy type environment, but most of my observations took place between bricks and next to trees on the sidewalk. Although it was difficult to find observations that fit the theme for this week's nature walk, I think it provided a very unique perspective to how wildlife can still shine through very urban areas.

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