24/04/24 Flora & Fungi survey: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
The forecast was for showers, but that didn't stop our group of 10 intrepid citizen scientists venturing out today for our flora & fungi survey. We were rewarded with blue skies and warmth from the sun on our backs, despite the 13 deg C morning. The mostly still morning - gusting up to 1.3 kmh - helped us feel warm as we set out to undertake some 20m transect and 1x1m quadrat surveys, a survey method new to half of our citizen science team today. It was fantastic to watch everyone keen to learn this technique, help each other, and build on the skills they'd developed in previous sessions IDing and recording the flora species observed.
Feedback over lunch was that doing the transects and quadrats helped you stop and notice species that may have been overlooked ordinarily, thinking it was "... just another ..." Turns out we hadn't recorded one of those species on this site before, the Trailing Ground-berry Acrotriche prostrata. Great job Karin noticing it was different and looking harder, noticing the trail of clustered flowers along the stem.
It's been a dry start to 2024, hence, perhaps, few fungi so far in this patch of Lowland Forest, but we did get around 6mm rainfall overnight and early this morning, which may have helped bring out what we believe to be the tiny, delicate Rainforest Horsehair Marasmius crinis-equi growing on fallen leaves and Forest Wire-grass stems. Amazing to see their long, fine steps (stems) growing from these - gorgeous!!
A special thank you to Robert for baking Anzac Day biscuits and sharing these special treats over lunch! 😊💓

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