15/04/24 Twilight survey: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
On a still and balmy 14 deg C evening, our Citizen Science volunteers and Youth Reference Group combined forces to conduct a twilight survey within the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Area.
Focusing on frogs, our Youth Reference Group recorded the calls of the Common Eastern Froglet and Eastern Smooth Froglet using the Frog ID app. They also spotted a few juvenile Striped Marsh Frogs, alongside multiple Brown Tree Frogs hiding in the leaf litter.
The other half of the group had a more general intent, looking and listening for any sights & sounds. They recorded 9 bird species including a Southern Boobook, a Swamp Wallaby, Ringtail Possums, Eastern Smooth Froglets (the only frog species heard calling), Whistling Tree Frogs, an Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog and a Peron's Tree Frog, uploading them to iNaturalist.org to contribute to our long-term data sets.
We were all fortunate enough to spot three to four Yellow Bellied Gliders feeding on a Manna Gum. A beautiful sight indeed!
A beautiful night out in nature with some fellow citizen scientists during International Citizen Science month! 🙂

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