24/03/24 Youth Insect survey

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
On a mild and mostly overcast morning, our Our Youth Reference Group conducted their first Insect Survey within the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Area. Hosted by Nic, one of the YRG members with a passion for insects, the group searched high and low to find the fascinating creatures we would otherwise overlook.
Some of the highlights were the Sydney Stick Insect, Gippsland Spiny Crayfish (yes, we know, it's not an insect!!), an owl pallet containing a tiny jaw bone, Orbweavers, a Crevice Weaver and numerous species of ants, leafhoppers, beetles and moths. Observations were added to iNaturalist.org, supporting the creation of long-term data records of species found within the region.
A lovely day out! Thanks to all those who attended on the day!

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