13/12/23 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
At 8am, it was already 25.2 deg C as we set off on our Bird & Frog survey. At 11am, it was 31 deg C and humid. The expected high winds, rain and thunderstorm missed us - phew! - and in fact we were fortunate to have a clear, still morning.

To the occasional calls of Pobblebonks and Striped Marsh Frogs, the highlights were seeing a number of birds collecting nesting material, a Great Fantail taking insects back to its nestlings, a Striated Thornbill sitting on its nest, Rufous and Golden Whistlers, a White-winged Triller, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes and one of the best Australian bush sounds of all (I think!), the male call and female response of the Eastern Whipbird.
Today we wrapped up our citizen science program for 2023. Great company. Shared learning. Friendships formed. Fabulous birds, plants, frogs and other wildlife seen or heard, and today, shared Christmas cheer! If you celebrate Christmas, have a great one, and may 2024 bring all you wish for.

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