15/11/23 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
The weather was almost perfect - still and mild - as we headed out for our Bird & Frog survey.
We all agreed, Alison & Bruce spotted the 2 species of the day. The stunningly beautiful Azure Kingfisher is not commonly seen in Yellingbo NCA, but today it happily perched a few metres from us, diving for food along the swamp edge. Frogs beware! The White-winged Triller is rarely recorded in YNCA. Today we saw a male, with its striking white and black plumage, feeding in Silver Wattle and Blackwood.
Together, our fabulous team of citizen scientists all contributed to recording 43 bird species, including a family of Australian Shelducks, Shining Bronze-cuckoos, White-necked Herons, Rufous and Golden Whistlers and a Pelican flying overhead. Up to 4 frog species were recorded (Pobblebonk, Striped Marsh Frog, Common Eastern Froglet, and TBC the Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog).
Every time we survey, we learn a little more about the animal species living amongst us, the habitat they are dependent on for survival and the joy that being in the natural world with like-minded people brings. What a great day. Thank you everyone!

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