26/04/23 Twilight surveys: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
On a still, late afternoon, with the minimum temperature expected to be in the balmy mid teens, 23 of us gathered. After an intro, group photo and plan to meet again at 8pm, the Youth Frog Survey team headed off toward McColl's swamp in search of frogs, whilst the Twilight Walk team headed down into the Manna Gum floodplain. The frogs were only calling occasionally, but we saw Eastern Banjo Frogs (aka Pobblebonks), a Striped Marsh Frog and Southern Brown Tree Frogs on the paths. Also seen were Ringtail Possums, a Brushtail Possum, Swamp Wallabies, the tiny eyes of spiders under the tree bark, a pure white Snow Fungus amongst an array of other fungi species, 7 species of birds and unfortunately, two feral species - a Sambar Deer crashing through the bush honking and a Red Fox calling! The species count was low, but that's the way fauna surveys can go. It all adds to the data. What a great group of people to share time with, and Robert's lemon slice was really good too! Thank you team :)

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