15/03/23 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
The frogs were quiet today, with just a lone Common Eastern Froglet sporadically calling, and one other species that we weren't sure about. Nine of us headed out into a part of Yellingbo NCA that we haven't included in our bird surveys to date. With the Conservation Area on one side, and open farmland on the other, it's often an interesting spot for seeing birds who live on the boundary of 2 worlds - bush thickets and open grassland. With smoke filled air from planned burns happening in the region, and the warm day, we felt a little lethargic as a group and perhaps the birds did too! We recorded 28 species, with highlights being a flock of Blue-winged Parrots, a Swamp Harrier soaring gracefully above Cockatoo swamp, lots of Superb Fairy-wren's and Karin's chocolate truffles :)

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