30/03/22 Flora & Frog survey: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
It was great to have two new people join us for a survey today. It's always surprising how much you start to see in the Australian bush when on the surface it just looks like a field of green foliage in front of you - though we had plenty of that too! There wasn't much warmth in the morning air, but it was still and mild. Very few insects buzzing about, just the odd butterfly that we couldn't get a photo of. The Hairpin Banksia and Yellow Hakea are flowering beautifully, with many of these two species along the stretch of track running alongside Cockatoo Creek swamp that we walked. The wet depressions we walked past were refuge for quite a few different plant species in flower, whilst the Common Eastern Froglet were making a racket in these same patches. Though the bird life wasn't plentiful this morning, the ones we did see were enjoying the sun high in the Eucalyptus canopy or hawking for the insect life along the track and swamp edge. Their eyes are clearly better than ours! A relaxed morning with great company. Thank you!

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