A missing species from our lists

After twelve months of intrepid iNat-ting of San Mateo county, this project can celebrate its first birthday next week with pride and joy. But, despite all of our efforts, there are some obvious missing species still. Most gallingly, I ask members of the project to redouble their efforts to find this species:

Periplaneta americana - American Cockroach!

Happy birthday to the San Mateo County Bio-Blitz: get outside and blitz some more!

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Any other major gaps?

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Great question. I've not looked at this all that systematically yet, aside from birds. I still need to expand the boundaries of the project to cover pelagic boat trips, but the county boundaries are weird out at sea, because of the "nearest point of land" rule: the Farallones, being San Francisco county, skew our boundaries southward, but Año Nuevo expands our boundaries (also to the south). I am doing some work on the county butterfly list this coming weekend, so I should know if we are missing anything there. I assuredly want to do another moth lamp sometime with you. I think the reptiles and amphibians all have entries; the main mammals are entered (probably some missing rodents). The surveys at Pillar Point are helping with marine invertebrate species. I imagine there are more insects missing, too: have to invite Prakrit over for a weekend! As for fish, I have no clue; likewise with plants.

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace más de 10 años

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